Thursday, December 19, 2013

A month out... just a few thoughts.

We are one month and two days out from the tornado that hit Washington and Daviess County.  Here are just a few thoughts of mine after I just left an early morning meeting with a tornado victim family.

1)  Thankfulness abounds.  I am grateful for the help that our local community and outside organizations have been able to give at this point.  The brotherly love shared between strangers has been inspiring!

2)  The road to recovery is a long one.  Even with insurance, some families struggled to meet deductibles and will struggling replacing the items insurance may not cover such as storm doors, garages, vehicles, etc.

3)  People can feel undeserving.  I am encouraged but also a little saddened by those victims who say, "We'll be alright as we piece things together little by little.  Go help someone else who needs it more."  Often they feel they haven't done enough or been good enough to warrant all the help and attention they are getting.  We in the helping fields must be patient with them as they slowly realize their needs.

4)  God has been good to our community. 

Where do we go from here as a community?  I would encourage you to keep your ears open for small needs that you can meet.  If you know a tornado victim, pickup a small gift for them next time you are out shopping and leave it on their doorstep just to say "We're still thinking of you."

Don't forget to help your local organizations who are still helping tornado victims such as:
Daviess County Organizations Active in Disaster
The United Way
The Salvation Army
The Red Cross
Feed My Sheep

May you have a very Merry Christmas!
~ Chris"Topher"

Monday, November 25, 2013

Victim Contact Information Form

Click Here: Victim Contact Information Form

We need your help! With organizations willing and wanting to help the tornado victims with their needs, it is imperative that we are able to contact those who are living or once lived in the tornado path. Filling out this contact form could mean the difference between a family receiving free aid and not receiving it. This form is not a promise of aid, but rather an attempt to get contact information for those who might qualify for aid.

Due to the fact that so many families have moved quickly to alternate temporary/permanent addresses, contacting them is difficult. We understand that you as their friend or relative might not know all the information below, but just providing what you do know can help us develop the contact list. We will compare this form with postal records and other community resources to determine who the residents are from the damage area and how to contact them.

This information will be treated with the utmost care and not given out to contractors or businesses, but will be treated with confidentiality from the Mayor's office and the County Emergency Management Agency.

Thank you for volunteering your time as you fill out this form in care for others!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mayor Joe Wellman's office at 812-254-5575 or the website administrator of this form, Christopher Wiles (Minister at Washington Church of Christ), at 812-610-2484.

Click Here: Victim Contact Information Form

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Message from Mayor Wellman: Volunteer Center and Thank You

"After being open for a week, Our Volunteer Center at the Assembly of God has served its purpose & closed yesterday afternoon. Thank you to the church & Pastor Steven Thomas for letting us use your lot & church this past week. If anyone needs assistance going forward the best place to call would be Connections, 257-2650. Could also contact United Way, 254-1038, or Red Cross, 254-9877. If you can't get any of those, call my office 254-5575. We really do want to help anyone who was affected by the tornado last Sunday."

Students leading the way...

We were very blessed to have several student groups leading the way in debris cleanup from the tornado of November 17th, 2013. Those groups included but are not limited to: Lincoln High School, Loogootee High School, Vincennes University, Washington Catholic School, Washington High School, and the Homeschool Ambassadors group.

We're sure more volunteered and we're happy to add them to the album if you send us a photo. Tag your friends!

Thanks again to ALL the wonderful volunteers who have served so far. But don't quit now, there are still more opportunities to do good for your neighbors all around.

To view a Washington Times Herald video of some groups serving, including the Ambassadors group not pictured in the album below, follow this YouTube link:

Lincoln High School

Loogootee High School

Vincennes University

Washington Catholic School

Washington High School

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Message from the Mayor

Thank you, thank you, thank you - words that seem so small when I think of everything and everyone   The outpouring of assistance has been extremely gratifying and truly humbling.  While it is impossible right now to list by name the sources of help, please allow me to express appreciation personally & on behalf of the community.  
our community is thankful for.

From the great number of volunteers of all ages that have been here, to businesses, churches & non-profit organizations, to the cooperation of our City department employees, to County personnel – all who donated food, water, shelter, equipment & manpower – I am grateful to all.  The volunteers have come from everywhere, from down the street to several States away.  And to my fellow City Mayors who offered equipment, manpower, emotional support, and prayers, thank you.  
But my biggest Thank You is to Almighty God for protecting us from death and injury. 

With eternal gratitude,
Joe Wellman
Mayor, Washington, Indiana

Volunteers for Saturday

We are still accepting and directing volunteers toward service areas for Saturday, our last organized volunteer day. We've had just a few more debris removal opportunities come our way. We would also appreciate the help of at least one more chain saw crew.

The Governor's office and area disaster management agencies have visited and agree, Washington is way ahead of schedule! By Saturday afternoon we fully plan to wrap up the debris removal stage of the recovery process. We are so grateful for all of you who have volunteered your time, energy, and funds for the Washington tornado victims.

Register at the Assembly of God at 320 S Meridian St. and dress in warm layers!

If you are still looking for more service opportunities after tomorrow stay tuned and we'll have more information about how you can be a blessing in lives of others in the aftermath of the tornadoes. 

Video of Volunteers from the Washington Times Herald

Here is a great video of our student volunteers in action from the Washington Times Herald reporter Nate Smith.